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Thank you, Kevin Vickers!

September 17, 2020News

As President of the New Brunswick Liberal Association, I offer my thanks to Kevin Vickers on behalf of Liberals throughout the province.


Since becoming the leader of our party, he has travelled throughout New Brunswick, meeting Liberals, listening to business and community leaders and talking to people in coffee shops or in their homes or businesses about their concerns and their ideas.


He has worked tirelessly to inspire New Brunswickers and deliver a message of unity and hope. He was unwavering in his commitment to the principles of the New Brunswick Liberal Association and refused to sign an agreement with the Premier and other party leaders that would have given the Premier unlimited power.

We may not have won the provincial election, but we will have a strong Liberal team in the Legislative Assembly to hold the Higgs government accountable.

Kevin Vickers can be proud of our provincial campaign and we owe him a great debt of gratitude.


Joel Reed


New Brunswick Liberal Association