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Statement by Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers

August 21, 2020News

Fredericton (August 17, 2020) – “Once again, Blaine Higgs is listening to his political operatives instead of listening to the people of New Brunswick!


New Brunswickers are in an election they do not need or want.   Despite the Liberal Party’s repeated and sincere offers to ensure a stable path well into 2021, Blaine Higgs chose to send New Brunswickers to the polls in the middle of a pandemic.  The Premier of New Brunswick chose political opportunism instead of the health and safety of our citizens.


While New Brunswick has fared well under the leadership of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the collaboration of the all-party committee, there remain unknowns:  Will the return to school be safe and manageable for families?  Without vision and focus, will the economy survive a second wave? Will seniors in care remain subjected to the isolation and loneliness they suffer now?


We find ourselves in most uncertain times, in the midst of the COVDI 19 crisis, unsure of what the future holds, but certain that it must be better for New Brunswickers — all New Brunswickers.   Better for our economy, better for our indigenous and francophone friends, better for our rural communities, and better for the environment.


Under Blaine Higgs our economy has been ignored.


Working together — the Liberal Party will transform our economy to bring good jobs and good salaries to New Brunswickers in all regions. Blaine Higgs has favoured cuts to fundamental economic drivers like infrastructure and tourism.  The Liberal Party will re-invest in tourism and ensure that federal provincial infrastructure funds are invested wisely.  We will also look to transform our economy by unlocking the great potential in our technology and digital sectors and we will focus on truly accelerating the green economy.


Under Blaine Higgs, our people have been divided.


Divided between Anglophones, Francophones and Indigenous People; between North and South; between urban and rural communities.


As a proud Miramichier and New Brunswicker — these divisions deeply trouble me — and in fact drove me to seek the leadership of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick. The protection of and respect for linguistic rights remain a fundamental principles and pillars of the Liberal party of New Brunswick.  We will not accept any attempt to diminish those hard-won rights and will continue the fight to promote them.


Working together, we will ensure the protection of rural health services. We will use the full authority of government to open a public inquiry into systemic racism.


Under Blaine Higgs our environment has been put at risk.


As a father and grandfather, my hope is that my grandchildren can enjoy the natural beauty of our province when they reach their adult years and that the legacy of a clean and healthy environment can be shared for generations to come.  Climate change is real and it is serious.  The protection of our environment will figure prominently in our plan to ensure a better future for New Brunswick.  The Liberal Party has committed to growing the green economy and working together with industry and our partners in environmental protection we will address the spraying of glyphosate on Crown lands.


Under Blaine Higgs there is only one way — his way. This was made abundantly clear during recent discussions with all party leaders — the so-called “negotiations” to avoid an election.  After waiting 34 days to respond to the Liberal Party’s offer to secure stability in the legislature and to see us safely through the pandemic — his counteroffer was to circumvent legislative and parliamentary tradition to seize a majority.


Blaine Higgs wants us to implement his plan, but he does not want to listen to options for any other plan. This is not Blaine Higgs’s New Brunswick, it is your New Brunswick…so let’s work together and bring back hope and opportunity to every corner of this beautiful province.


Working together, New Brunswickers can deal with the worst and produce the best.  But we need to make the investments, create the opportunity and forge the unity to succeed.


Working together with New Brunswickers and my Liberal team, I would be proud to lead our province to a better future.


Thank you.”


                Kevin Vickers

Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party



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