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7,300 jobs lost in July

August 9, 2019News

“Statistics Canada’s monthly labour force survey  shows that New Brunswick has lost 7,300 full-time jobs in July, which represents a net jobs loss of 4,800. Unemployment is going up in New Brunswick.  It is at 8.5% while it’s at 5.7% in Canada.


Hopefully this does not become a trend.  We don’t know yet. What we do know is that there is only 0.6% of economic growth forecasted for  2019, which is not significant.  Think about it, inflation cost is almost 2%.


This government is entirely focused on budget, and I agree we must be fiscally responsible, but they have absolutely no plan to grow the economy. If the economy shrinks, as it did when Blaine Higgs was Minister of Finance from 2010 to 2014,  we’ll have less capacity to generate revenue to provide for services, but also to pay the bills and what credit rating agencies look at is our capacity to pay and our fiscal plan.”


Kevin Vickers


New Brunswick Liberal Party