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Statement by Gilles LePage on Essential workers

May 22, 2020News

“The list of front-line essential workers the Premier Higgs has deemed worthy of a salary top up for the work they are doing during the Covid-19 pandemic is too short. In other provinces, many more essential front-line workers will receive these top ups. Unfortunately, those workers are not getting the recognition and support they deserve here in New Brunswick. I share the disappointment of all the front-line workers, the real heroes, who have been left off premier Higgs’ short list.


Examples of those receiving top ups in other jurisdictions that won’t in New Brunswick include nurses, most social workers, paramedics, hospital staff such as cooks and custodians, nursing home workers, mental health workers, and correctional workers.


The list has been designed to ensure Premier Higgs won’t have to contribute any provincial money towards helping our essential workers. After a certain threshold, he would have to start providing 25 per cent of the funding for this, and unfortunately this is where he’s drawn the line.


We are trailing every other province in terms of helping our people and our economy. It’s time for Premier Higgs to step up for New Brunswickers by investing in our essential workers.”


Gilles LePage

Official Opposition critic for Seniors