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Recognizing the profession of artist

September 11, 2020News

Moncton (September 11, 2020) – A Liberal government will pass a law recognizing the profession of artist. Arts and culture are an important part of our province’s identity and vitality. This sector of our economy has been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.


“While many industries are slowly beginning to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the arts and culture sector is still struggling with the widespread closure of theatres that is preventing many artists from performing in front of an audience, depriving them of their main source of income,” said Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers. “By officially recognizing the profession of artist, we will allow this industry to have rights comparable to other professions and a strong voice to claim those rights.”


In order to promote this profession, a Liberal government will also pursue the integration of artists and their works in schools. “Arts and cultural education allow students to develop their creativity and to better appreciate their cultural heritage,” said Kevin Vickers.


Arts and culture are an integral part of our economy. A Liberal government will establish a book purchasing policy for New Brunswick bookstores and publishers. “Our province has a wealth of talent and we need to support and promote it. By working together, we will help this industry reach its full potential.”



Ashley Beaudin

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