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New autism centre to be established in Edmundston region

May 22, 2018News

A new community autism centre will be established in Edmundston. The centre will provide support services for the families of preschoolers, school-aged children, youth and adults with autism in the region.


Resources include:

  • accessible social support;
  • self-help, public education; and
  • a broad array of resources for persons with autism and their families.





In 2017, the government introduced an enhanced model for the Preschool Autism Program that increased per-child funding from $27,500 to almost $33,000, standardized services across the province, and incorporated new evidence-based practices.


In addition, your Liberal government continues to invest in training for people working with children with autism. A team supports training for preschool autism agency personnel and school professionals across the seven school districts as part of the Provincial Autism Training Framework.