The two main goals of the New Brunswick Women’s Liberal Commission (NBWLC) are to support women candidates running for the Liberal Party of New Brunswick and to be the voice of women with the Liberal Party at all levels.

The NBWLC partners with the Liberal Party of New Brunswick to recruit and train women interested in getting involved in politics, whether as a Candidate for Nomination or as a key campaign organizer.


Get Involved

If you are interested in joining the NBWLC, we would like to hear from you.
Please contact Melody Munro, President, NBWLC at
Or please call the NBLA directly at 1-800-442-4902 or 506-453-3950.



The NBWLC is open to all female members of Liberal Riding Associations within New Brunswick.


Tony Barry Fund

Founded in 1996, The Tony Barry Fund financially assists nominated women Liberals seeking election to the New Brunswick Legislature. As part of its mandate, the Tony Barry Fund promotes awareness of elected and/or leadership opportunities for women in provincial politics.


NBWLC Executive


Melody Munro


1st Vice President

Christina Fowler
2nd Vice President

Pauline Armstrong 
VP Policy

Cheryl Leblanc



Sophie LeBlanc
Past President