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susan holt + pat finnigan

NB Liberals nominate Pat Finnigan in Kent North

July 5, 2024News

July 5, 2024 (Kent North) – Liberals gathered in the riding of Kent North to nominate Pat Finnigan as their candidate for the next provincial election.

As the event kicked off, surrounded by over 150 local supporters, candidates, and caucus members, Susan Holt, leader of the NB Liberal Party shared what she’s been hearing during hundreds of conversations with New Brunswick voters on her summer tour. “I have heard clearly from people all around the province, that we need a change in leadership. One man in one office in Fredericton with a one-size-fits-no-one solution to problems is not what New Brunswickers need.” 

“We need a government that will listen and empower our local communities to make decisions that are best for them. A Holt-led government will listen, balance the budget, invest in healthcare, and education, and tackle the affordability crisis,” she said.

Kent North is the twenty-third riding where the Liberal Party is holding a nominating convention leading up to the next provincial election. Three candidates were vying to carry the Liberal banner: Pat Finnigan, Maisie McNaughton, and Brian Stevens. Mr. Finnigan was declared the winner once all the votes were counted.

Pat Finnigan has a long history of community involvement with organizations including the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce, local sports associations, and regionally as chair of the Miramichi Health Authority, President of CBDC Atlantic, and President of the NB Agricultural Alliance. Pat did all that while building and running his greenhouse business which now includes “Mr. Tomato Market” a local tourism destination that has contributed to the community for over 40 years. Pat also chaired the Standing Committee on Agriculture and was a member of the Fisheries and Ocean Committee during his time as the MP for Miramichi – Grand Lake.

When addressing the crowd after his win, Pat said, “I am thrilled to be joining this dynamic team of Liberal candidates who, with Susan Holt’s strong and empathetic leadership, will become the next government of New Brunswick and tackle the many issues that the Higgs government has neglected for so long. As a former Member of Parliament, I know how to do this job and I will hit the ground running to listen to and voice the concerns of the people of Kent North in Fredericton.”

In closing the event, Holt said, “I want to thank all three of these amazing candidates, Pat, Maisie, and Brian, for putting their names forward. We are stronger when we work together and it is this united team that will earn the trust of New Brunswickers. No matter where you live, no matter what language you speak, and no matter who you love, every voice deserves to be heard and respected.”