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NB Liberals nominate Joni Leger in Fredericton Lincoln

July 3, 2024News

July 3, 2024 (Fredericton) – Liberals gathered in the riding of Fredericton Lincoln last night to nominate Joni Leger as their candidate for the next provincial election.

As the event began, Leader of the NB Liberal Party Susan Holt said “I’m hearing the same two things everywhere I go – that people are feeling left out of decision-making and that Premier Higgs has to go. I have heard that most recently from a family doctor who told me that his own family doesn’t have access to a doctor, nor do his neighbours. He was concerned about people trying to access primary care and frustrated that this government hasn’t engaged with those who understand the challenges on the ground. A Holt government will deliver bold transformation in healthcare by listening to the experts, making data-informed decisions, and caring for those who are caring for us.”

Fredericton Lincoln is the twenty-third riding where the Liberal Party is holding a nominating convention leading up to the next provincial election.

Joni Leger has spent the last ten years working in research and innovation with post-secondary institutions, researchers, industry, and government partners to support economic growth in New Brunswick. Before working in research and innovation, Joni spent ten years working in non-profit organizations developing and delivering programs and services for people navigating social, economic, and interpersonal challenges, with a particular focus on supporting women and girls.

When addressing the crowd, Leger said, “I’m a communicator and collaborator who’s always looking for connections and solutions. I want to figure out where the barriers are, and then take them out of the way so that we can do the job we need to do. I truly believe that there is always something to learn and there is always something to contribute. I can’t wait to do that while working together with this team when Susan is our Premier.”

“I’m thrilled to be adding Joni to our incredible team,” said Holt while closing the event. “From the first time I met her, Joni impressed me with her curiosity. I saw a spark in Joni’s eyes – a passion for the work of public service, of someone wanting to put in the work. I know that she will be an incredible representative for the people of Fredericton Lincoln.”