The rules for the leadership convention, as determined by our Leadership Steering Committee, are available and can be viewed here. These rules shall govern all matters related to the selection of the next leader of our party. Prospective leadership candidates can request a Leadership Candidate Nomination Form (‘LCNF’) from the New Brunswick Liberal Association by phone at 506-453-3950 or toll free 1-800-442-4902 or by email at


Rules regarding ‘Intent to Vote’ forms:


    1. Any individual or member of a leadership candidate’s team must complete Data Import Excel Template when submitting fifteen (15) or more paper ‘Intent to Vote’ forms at one time. The Data Import Excel Template can be downloaded here.
    2. All ‘Intent to Vote’ forms must be completed in full and truthfully, or may be deemed ineligible by the NBLA Office. Any form that is found to be incomplete or completed inaccurately may not be accepted by the NBLA. Individuals are encouraged to register as soon as possible in case a form is deemed incomplete and needs to be re-submitted.
    3. It is important to complete an ‘Intent to Vote’ form with the correct home address and phone number,  as these will be used to validate  the member’s eligibility to vote in the Leadership process.
    4. The NBLA may make exceptions to incomplete forms where it can be determined the person does not possess a valid phone number.
    5. It is strongly recommended that individuals include a valid and unique email address on their ‘Intent to Vote’ form as they will receive important information to participate in the voting process more quickly.


Important Documents and Templates

Official Leadership Rules – Updated Feb. 9, 2022

Printable ‘Intent to Vote’ Form – Updated Feb. 28, 2022

Data Import Excel Template – Updated March 1, 2022


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