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National Acadian Day

August 15, 2019News

The following statement was issued today by Kevin Vickers, Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick, who will be participating in National Acadian Day festivities in Bouctouche and Dieppe on August 15.


“Established on the North American continent for more than four centuries, the Acadian people have shaped our history through their resilience, vibrancy and the vitality of their culture and institutions. At both the national and provincial levels, Acadians have actively contributed to building a modern society based on equality, justice and openness. The National Acadian Day is an opportunity to highlight this invaluable contribution to our province and our country.


It was in New Brunswick, at the first Acadian National Convention in 1881, that August 15 was chosen as the official date of the National Acadian Day. This year, the National Day is celebrated as our province hosts, with Prince Edward Island, the sixth World Acadian Congress that marks the 25th anniversary of the event.


I offer my best wishes to all Acadians and I invite all our compatriots to celebrate together the National Acadian Day.”


Kevin Vickers


New Brunswick Liberal Party