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More consultation is needed on Bill 75

March 18, 2022News

The Official Opposition critic for Natural Resources and Energy Development, René Legacy, is calling on Minister Holland to consult with local agriculture groups before moving further with Bill 75, An Act to Amend the Mining Act.


“In typical Higgs government fashion, there was very little consultation done with relevant stakeholders when preparing this bill” says René Legacy. “For a bill to have merit, there needs to be prior consultation with the organizations that represent those who will be impacted by the changes. It’s a matter of due process and respect.”


The Standing Committee on Economic Policy discussed and passed Bill 75 in January 2022. Before receiving royal assent, the Bill needs to be passed at Third Reading.


“The Higgs Government has once again failed to properly consult key stakeholders. There is still plenty of time before the end of the session for the Minister to correct this by meeting with the groups that have asked to be heard” says Mr. Legacy. “Minister Holland needs to listen to important stakeholder concerns prior to bringing Bill 75 to Third Reading”