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Liberals release series of comparison advertisements

January 5, 2018News

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick Liberal association is set to release a series of radio and online advertisements aimed at informing the public about the differences in direction that the two main political parties in New Brunswick are taking.


“Blaine Higgs spent his whole career on the payroll of big business.  His priorities are not those of regular people.” said Lisa Harris, member of the legislative assembly for Miramichi Bay-Néguac. “He opposed tax increases on the richest one percent and big corporations and he was against raising the minimum wage and creating the Family Day holiday.”


It is important for New Brunswickers to understand that while the Liberals were working to hire hundreds of new school teachers or ensuring that tuition costs don’t cause financial hardship for middle class families, Blaine Higgs said that “he does not believe in free education.”


It is important for New Brunswickers to understand that while the Liberals were busy increasing the minimum wage or adopting a winter holiday for families, Blaine Higgs and his party said that “businesses could not afford” such things.

For the past three years, this Liberal government has been getting things done improving the lives of everyday New Brunswickers. This government has invested record amounts in New Brunswick’s health care and education systems, supported job creation throughout the province, and is overseeing the province’s strongest period of economic growth in more than a decade.


“We’re going to get the word out that, when it comes to middle class New Brunswickers, Blaine Higgs is not on your side. These advertisements will serve to inform the public about Mr. Higgs’ record and where his priorities truly lie” added Roger Melanson, member of the legislative assembly for Dieppe.


The advertisements will be played on radio, digital pre-roll, social media, and on