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Liberals nominate record number of female candidates

July 24, 2018News

DEBEC – The Provincial Liberals have completed the nomination of 48 candidates for the upcoming election and a record number of them are women. Forty per cent of Liberal candidates are women, a record for New Brunswick’s two major political parties.


  • 14 of 23 (61%) Liberal candidates in ridings which were unheld by the Liberal Party at the last sitting of the legislature are female;
  • 15 of 30 (50%) Liberal candidates in ridings in which there is no Liberal incumbent are female;
  • 19 of 48 (40%) Liberal candidates are female.


Christy Culberson (Carleton) and Jackie Gordon Morehouse (Carleton-York) were nominated Saturday, July 21 as the 47th and 48th Liberal candidates for the September 24 election.


“We are pleased to have such a talented slate of women and men who are working hard to help us continue to grow the economy in a way that works for all New Brunswickers, strengthen educational opportunities, and provide more timely and high quality health care,” said Premier Brian Gallant, leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party.


Gallant will seek to be re-nominated as the Liberal candidate in his riding of Shediac Bay-Dieppe later this summer.



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Duncan Gallant

New Brunswick Liberal Association