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Green party abdicates responsibility on Bill 11 vote

June 18, 2020News

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers is calling out David Coon and the Green Party for abdicating their responsibility by abstaining from voting on Bill 11 – the vaccination bill when it came up for third reading in the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly.


“I was shocked that the Green party would not participate in such an important vote,” said Vickers. “David Coon often speaks about the importance of the Legislative Assembly in playing a greater role in our political system, but when faced with a major issue, he opts to sit on his hands. That is not leadership. It is a complete abdication of responsibility!”


The previous day, the Green Party tried to move an amendment that would transfer the responsibility for making decisions about parental exemptions to the Chief Medical Officer of Health, but the amendment was defeated.


Vickers believes this was another attempt by the Green Party to avoid making a decision on Bill 11.


“When people elect representatives, they expect them to make tough decisions and not shy away from them or hide from them. David Coon can try to spin this, but all other members of the legislative assembly knew what he was doing, and the public will likely judge him on this as well.”


“The vote was an example of democracy in action,” said Vickers. “There was a free vote and members voted their conscience. Those who participated in the vote can be proud for doing so.”