Tuesday, February 25 | 6:00 pm

Young Liberals Webinar

We want your ideas!


We are looking to discuss ways to get young people involved with our party and how to better engage young people so we can better work together to make a difference for our province.


Please encourage any Young Liberals (aged 14 – 25) to register for the virtual town hall webinar on Tuesday, February 25 at 6 pm.


If you are a Young Liberal please sign-up for the webinar here.


For more information please contact Marc-André Vienneau at youngliberals@nbliberal.ca.


Anyone can submit a policy idea or resolution. All Commissions and Local Ridings Associations are encouraged to host their own discussions and submit ideas.


The Policy Committee for the Party will review and merge similar resolutions to be discussed and voted on at the convention.


All policy resolutions should be sent to policy@nbliberal.ca by March 31, 2020.