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Dominic Cardy’s behaviour is reprehensible

June 22, 2020News

Dominic Cardy was obviously disappointed in the defeat of Bill 11- the vaccination bill in the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly. Following the vote, his disappointment showed, and it showed a bit too much.


There was a free vote in the Legislature and Cardy’s bill did not garner enough votes to pass. Many members of his own party did not support the bill, including five government ministers, which is unprecedented. He belittles members of his own caucus and his ministerial colleagues by saying that they did not have the courage to stand up to the anti-vaccine bullies.  While his colleagues strongly support the importance and reliability of vaccines, he equates them with anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists in order to discredit them. He may not like the results, but the vote was an example of democracy in action.


While one would expect he would lament to defeat of a bill that he championed so fiercely, but Cardy lashed out viciously at all those who did not support it and all those who dared to disagree with his opinion.


Most parents teach their children, that you are free to have your own opinion, but you should respect the opinions of others. That is a lesson that Dominic Cardy should’ve paid attention to.


In his twitter exchanges, he has been verbally abusive, resorts to insults and degrading others and uses inappropriate language for a Minister of the crown. Yes, there are those who say vile things about Mr. Cardy on twitter and that conduct should not be condoned.


Cardy, however, stirs the pot with his vitriolic attacks on others who don’t share his views on vaccines. This is a tactic of a bully and it is not the first time Cardy has displayed this behavior.


His actions sow division and increase tensions, no doubt even within his own Caucus.


It is ironic that Cardy who in a previous bio recounted coming to the aid of a friend whom he thought was being bullied by a teacher, has now become the bully himself.


The Premier needs to show leadership and address Mr. Cardy’s behavior. Enough is enough.”



Kevin Vickers

Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party