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Current Liberal Headlines and Stories

May 9, 2022News

Keep up with our Liberal members in the Legislature and in their communities .
Please note that some of the articles are subject to a paid subscription to access.






René Legacy, Telegraph-Journal

“INVESTIGATION: Tenants tangled in ‘predatory’ scheme” – Read more


Robert Gauvin, Telegraph-Journal

“Opposition calls for more secure affordable housing access” – Read more






Roger Melanson, Telegraph-Journal

“’Article’ Russell cited on school COVID rules doesn’t exist” – Read more


Roger Melanson, Telegraph-Journal

“Association silent on COVID-19 in nursing homes” – Read more


Roger Melanson & Jean-Claude D’Amours, Telegraph-Journal

“Tories ‘afraid’ of what health leaders might say: Liberals” – Read more






Keith Chiasson, Telegraph-Journal

“‘Change is good’: Premier says RSC reforms will go ahead” – Read more


Daniel Guitard, Radio-Canada

« L’avenir des travailleurs de la centrale de Belledune » – Read more


Roger Melanson, Telegraph-Journal

“U.S. abortion debate spills over to N.B.” – Read more

Roger Melanson, Radio-Canada

“L’Université de Moncton affiche des postes réservés aux femmes et aux minorités” – Read more


Rob McKee, Telegraph-Journal

“Vandals trash cemetery, tagger copper roof of crypt”- Read more