Cindy Miles has been part of the Fredericton West-Hanwell community for over 25 years. It’s where she lives, raises her family, and where she continues to work alongside other caring community members to improve our quality of life.  


As a community member, a student of policy, a businesswoman, and a leader in the non-profit sector, she’s been actively developing and supporting opportunities for youth, vulnerable populations, organizations, businesses, and government.  Whether she’s volunteering in the school system or tackling complex social issues, she draws her strength from the same place – from fellow community members!  


She knows from experience how valuable it is to engage with each other in processes that affect lives. She’s committed to doing everything she can to ensure that these processes are authentic, empowering and productive. 


Her three key beliefs would be:


  • Together we can make the wisest investments in infrastructure and enhance our community’s potential. 
  • We can share information, ideas, and strategies that improve our community’s social fabric. 
  • We can collectively support government initiatives and policies that encourage the use of accountability and responsive decision making. 

She can make a difference because she knows from experience that when a community cares enough to engage, anything is possible. 

She looks forward to connecting in person on the issues that matter most to you.