Candidate for VP Policy – Kelly Thompson, Kings Centre


Kelly Thompson has been an active member of the Liberal Party since 2009 when she became the candidate for the riding of New Brunswick Southwest.  She ran in the 2011 Federal Election where she  gained an awareness and deeper understanding of how policies affect so many individuals from many important sectors across the riding. 


Since 2011 she has worked on every provincial and federal campaign in various capacities.  This important work had her in touch with many residents who were able to share with her their concerns and challenges facing them.  These experiences have been invaluable in helping to inform provincial policy from those who love this great province. 


Over the period of her involvement in the Liberal Party she has been an active participant in every provincial policy discussion because it is important and why people vote for the party.  She firmly believes that the Liberal Party has had many great achievements over the years, but feels that they failed to have the message heard and the last two election results are due in part to this.  She feels this now is a time to have a resurgence and a focus on rebuilding the party. Only by listening to party members and then developing relevant policy can we lead this party to be the governing party of the Province of New Brunswick.  Once elected as the Vice President of Policy she will make every effort to develop relevant and necessary policy to move the party forward. 


Kelly currently resides in Grand Bay – Westfield with her husband and works in the private sector as a Human Resource Manager.