Candidate for VP Membership – Daniel Bourque, Dieppe


I have served as an advisor to Liberal Cabinet Ministers in Fredericton and Ottawa at Veterans Affairs, National Defence, and the Regional Development Corporation. I have also worked as an Organizer and Campaign Manager for both the provincial and federal parties – with 8 elections in the last 8 years. I have been Youth Representative and Treasurer for riding associations. I am currently in management at a nonprofit in Moncton.


The Vice President (Membership) is responsible for the quality/accuracy of membership lists, helping to recruit new members, and improving the experience of Party members. As someone in the unique position of having worked on the ground with most of the 49 riding associations over the last ten years, I see that this job, which is currently vacant, is especially important.


I believe there need to be more voices within the Executive who understand both the particular needs of members/riding associations on the ground and how the provincial party/campaign is run, so that you can get the support and attention you need. With your help, what I hope to accomplish during this mandate is getting many more supports in place over the full four-years between elections, not just in the election year. I want to find ways to do things better, while also recognizing that different riding associations have different needs and everybody does certain things a bit differently. My hope is for a more engaging membership experience that you and others are going to want to be active participants in as we renew our Party.