VP Communications – Theresa Blackburn, Carleton


Theresa is a community powerhouse who, when seeing a need, works to fill it.


An entrepreneur, and municipal councillor with 12 years at the table, Theresa spearheaded a program that provided groceries and grocery gift cards to families in need before the COVID funding started to flow. She started the Hospice River Valley project, with the goal of getting a hospice service in the region before 2022. She’s a former NBCC Instructor, a former journalist, and a member of the Western Valley Regional Wellness Network. She’s an advocate for those who don’t feel they have a voice, and is proud to call Carleton County home. A mother of three, and the wife of a volunteer firefighter, Theresa is a tireless advocate and volunteer in her region.  She brings communication experience to the table as a publisher and former CBC Radio journalist.  Theresa wants to see the party evolve and reconnect with rural New Brunswick again.