Candidate for President – Bob McSorley, Fredericton West-Hanwell


WorkingTogether, We Can Make Things Better! 


Greetings NBLA Members and Delegates, 


Thank you for taking part in the New Brunswick Liberal Association’s first-ever virtual biennial convention, including the election of candidates for the executive. I also want to thank our former leader, our interim leader and everyone who has steered our party through an extremely challenging year. 


Just as COVID-19 is forcing each of us to reimagine our lives to meet the many challenges coming at us, so must the New Brunswick Liberal Party reimagine its future. That’s why I’m honoured to submit my name as a candidate for party president. 


All politics is local. My vision is a united, forward-thinking Liberal party with membership growing in every corner of New Brunswick. Our riding associations must become strong again by being more relevant and responsive to New Brunswickers. We must reach out to our communities – neighbour to neighbour, friend to friend, family member to family member. 


During the Robichaud era, I delivered pamphlets door to door for Rod Nolan, party chair in Fredericton. Since that time, I’ve worked on every campaign, including Al Lacey’s successful run in the former riding of York South in 1987. 


Over the past 35 years, I’ve held numerous positions on the executive of local-area ridings. I’m currently president of Fredericton-West Hanwell and have been regional director for the Fredericton area ridings for the past two years. I was co-chair of the party’s 2015 biennial and regularly volunteer for party events. I have been a Liberal in good times and bad. My loyalty is unwavering. 


Born and raised in Fredericton, I graduated from UNB in education. I began my career at UNB’s Harriet Irving Library, after which I moved on to N.B. Power. I’ve sat on several boards, including the FREX (now known as the N.B. Provincial Exhibition) and the N.B. Insurance Board. Happily retired, I am a co-owner of E.A. Toner Holding Company Ltd. 


With the love and support of my wife of 42 years, Janice (Penney), and Vanessa and Bryan, my two adult children, I’m proud to put my name forward to provide our party with strong and effective leadership. 


Strong and effective leadership is what we need to win the next election and give New Brunswickers what they deserve – a bright and prosperous future. Working together, we can make things better. 


Thank you for your vote. I appreciate it. 


Best Regards, 

Robert McSorley