Liberal Opposition updates

Liberal Opposition updates

The Leader of the New Brunswick Liberals is pleased to announce that the MLA for Moncton-Centre, Rob McKee, has been named Leader of the Official Opposition.   “I am honoured to serve in this role and I’m grateful to Susan for this opportunity” says Rob McKee, MLA Moncton-Centre and Leader of the Official Opposition. “I … Continued

New Brunswick Liberals suggest ideas to address healthcare problems

The New Brunswick Liberal Caucus is releasing a document containing a series of recommendations and ideas that can be taken to improve the state of healthcare in the province.   “Health care is the issue the New Brunswickers are most concerned about” says Liberal Leader Susan Holt. “I’ve committed to doing politics differently, so instead … Continued

Back-to-school planning

As students, families and teachers prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, many are expressing concern over another year of uncertainty. The Liberal Party is calling on the Higgs Government to release its plans ensuring the well-being of both students and teachers.   “After two years of disrupted learning, many students will need help to catch-up. … Continued

Why isn’t the Higgs Government trying to recruit more healthcare professionals?

“Since the Higgs Government was first elected in 2018, the state of the healthcare system has deteriorated significantly. More and more healthcare professionals are leaving the province due to poor working conditions, non-competitive salaries compared to other jurisdictions, and unreasonable workloads caused by staffing shortages. How is the Higgs Government addressing these problems? With nothing … Continued

New Brunswick is failing to provide reliable healthcare

Following this week’s update on the implementation of the Higgs Government’s Health reform, the Liberal Opposition is expressing disappointment with how little has been done to improve the sustainability of New Brunswick healthcare.   “The core of the problems facing our healthcare system is the lack of sufficient human resources to deliver services” says Jean-Claude … Continued

Premier Higgs Abandons Post-Secondary Education Students

“Premier Higgs must do more to make post-secondary education affordable in New Brunswick through improved support for students.   New Brunswick students were shocked to learn that they will no longer have access to the NB-EI Connect program. The news that this program was cut came to light late yesterday after it was quietly shared with … Continued

Investments Are needed In Education

The Liberal Opposition is expressing concern over the elimination of 36 School Intervention Worker (SIW) positions in the Anglophone South School District to free up enough funding for the creation of additional Educational Assistant (EA) positions.   “School Intervention Workers play a vital role in our schools, especially as the students continue to be impacted … Continued

The multiple service interruptions in NB hospitals must be addressed

Roughly two and a half years after the Higgs Government attempted to close emergency departments overnight and cut services in a number of hospitals across the province, the Liberal opposition is expressing its concern over the deteriorating state of the New Brunswick healthcare system.   “In February of 2020, the population of New Brunswick stood … Continued

Changes are needed in New Brunswick’s long-term care sector

The Liberal Opposition is expressing its support for the Association francophone des Aînés du Nouveau-Brunswick’s (AFANB) report entitled New Brunswick Elders – Neglected and Forgotten.   “The report presented yesterday, on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, not only highlights the dire need for action but also contains a series are recommendations that must be considered … Continued

Official Opposition to introduce motion for immediate relief from high gasoline prices

The Official Opposition will table a motion urging the government to use its authority and act immediately to eliminate the 10.87 cents per litre provincial gas tax as of midnight, Friday May 20, for a period of four months and to immediately provide New Brunswickers earning less than $25,000 per year with an immediate one-time … Continued