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Action on Vaping

September 25, 2019News

The Liberal Health critic is calling on the province to take immediate action to address possible health risks posed by vaping.


“The threat to human health posed by vaping is becoming more apparent each day”, said Liberal Health critic, JC D’Amours. “We need to hear from the minister, and we need to hear from the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health on what action if any should be taken now to address it.”


According to D’Amours, Heath Canada is now warning those who vape to watch for symptoms that are now thought to be caused by vaping including coughing and shortness of breath.

“This is an industry that is targeting young people and there are virtually no restrictions on advertising or retailing. There are very real concerns about the lack of regulation in relation to this industry.”


In the United States, there have been reports of death and severe respiratory illnesses related to vaping. As of mid-September, upwards of 530 cases of lung injuries related to the use of vapes have been identified and that number is expected to climb.


Nine deaths in the U.S. have also been tied to vaping.


“The medical profession is raising serious concerns about the danger vaping presents to human health. It has been identified as a serious health risk”, said D’Amours. “This is not just an issue that should be shunted to the federal government. The provincial government has a responsibility to step up and take definitive action.”


In the past, the provincial government has brought in measures to impose restrictions related to tobacco smoking, including measures designed to reduce the number of young smokers according to D’Amours. “The time for action is now” said D’Amours, “and I am calling on the Minister of Heath to bring forth legislation and regulations to tackle this significant health threat in the upcoming legislative session.”