FREDERICTON (February 21) – Today, the Official Opposition called on the Higgs government to provide clarification for New Brunswickers on the newly announced criteria for the $300 affordability payment announced at the 2024 State of the Province.


“Cost of living challenges are hitting all New Brunswickers, and especially those in vulnerable situations like seniors and those living on social assistance who fall well below the $70,000 criteria that’s been set” said Robert Gauvin, critic for Seniors and Social Development. “Higgs bragged about the long-awaited affordability measures at the State of the Province and once again we see this government’s incompetence in delivering programs to New Brunswickers.”


The affordability payment, now renamed the NB Workers Benefit, has been under fire since it was announced for its unclear eligibility and inaccessibility. Other provinces, including Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have successfully delivered affordability programs of greater values to more people in recent years based on income levels.


“Much like the rent bank and the phased-in rent increases, the details about this program are insufficient and confusing,” said Opposition Leader Susan Holt. “This government continues to fumble the ball when it comes to delivering services and programs to New Brunswickers. A lot of people got their hopes up waiting for this relief and now many are going to be disappointed while they continue to struggle to make ends meet. The criteria and application process leaves New Brunswickers with more questions than answers. It’s time this government step up and provide clarity to the people, they’ve waited long enough.”

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