FREDERICTON (February 7) – Today, Susan Holt, leader of the Opposition, calls on Social Development and Housing Minister Jill Green to keep the promises that she made to renters by ensuring the phased-in approach to rental increases for tenants is available to all. The call comes as CMHC reports the average rents in the province were up 10.5% as of October 2023 over the previous year, and the vacancy rate is down from 1.9% to only 1.5%.


“I’ve spoken with renters and the organizations that represent them and everyone is in agreement – the government’s inaction on the housing file is having real consequences for New Brunswickers,” said Holt. “At a time when people are struggling to make ends meet, Minister Green and the Premier should be actively trying to find ways to make life more affordable, not making it harder with sloppy policy changes.”


The roll-out and communication of the phased-in approach to rental increases had significant challenges when it was announced back in 2022. However, the process gave tenants a clear pathway to dispute rent increases and a more predictable timeline to manage the additional expense.


“I’m calling on Minister Green to keep her word on phased-in rent increases. New Brunswickers are struggling and it’s about time this government stepped up and did something about it,” said Susan Holt. “If they aren’t going to implement the rent cap we so desperately need, the least they could do is make sure the meagre programs they’ve put forward are clear and working.”

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