The Official Opposition will debate two motions today in the Legislative Assembly that will help New Brunswickers with the rising cost of living. The two motions relate to removing the Provincial Sales Tax on NB Power bills and providing upfront support for post-secondary students.


Motion 30 urges the government to remove the provincial portion of the HST from residential electricity bills to help address the rising cost of home heating for over 45% of New Brunswickers.


“New Brunswickers are already struggling to make ends meet and are facing a rate increase from NB Power. Government should not make extra tax revenue off that rate increase. New Brunswickers certainly don’t deserve to take a hit just to pad the surplus,” says Keith Chiasson, Official Opposition Energy critic. “Removing the Provincial Sales Tax on home heating bills will go a long way in helping people with the rising cost of living. The Higgs Government has said they are thrilled to provide tax cuts to New Brunswickers and this motion provides meaningful relief for all New Brunswickers.”


Motion 6 urges the government to bring forward a comprehensive assistance program to support access to post-secondary education.


“The Higgs government has taken away many of the upfront, needs-based support for post-secondary students and they are struggling. From cancelling the Free Tuition Program and the Tuition Relief for the Middle Class program to scrapping EI Connect, students have been left behind without any upfront support to embark on their higher education path,” said Keith Chiasson, Official Opposition Post-Secondary Education, Labour and Training Critic. “New Brunswick has the lowest rate of post-secondary enrolment directly from High School, while also facing a labour crisis.We need to be doing more to remove barriers to access higher education.”


Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party, Susan Holt, is committed to provide urgent relief to those who are struggling to make ends meet.


“As a constructive and solution-oriented Official Opposition, our team is providing options to this government to provide relief to New Brunswickers who are struggling the most,” says Liberal Leader Susan Holt. “Our team is out in communities listening to people and stakeholders and bringing solutions to the floor that can have a real impact on many New Brunswickers.”

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