Increase the mobile mental health crisis unit service to 24/7.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our ideas to improve mental health access and supports. First up, we would like to see expanded service hours for the mobile crisis unit so that it operates 24/7. The hours of the mobile unit are currently different based on which health zone you live in, but urgent mental health services should be accessible at all times no matter where you live. 


Supportive housing with wrap around services.

Homelessness is a complex issue that goes beyond just having a roof over your head. We would like more supportive housing units throughout the province with wrap around services. These units would include mental health and addictions services to support those with the most complex needs.


Resources for the ISD program in schools.

Our education system and students need mental health services. We would like to see additional resources invested into Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) programs in schools across the province. We need to give this program the tools necessary to reduce barriers and ensure its success. 


Develop a clear plan for mental health services in the 15 First Nations.

There are limited resources when it comes to mental health professionals and services so we need a clear plan to ensure access  across the province and in the 15 First Nations. The plan needs to be created in partnership with First Nations leadership and include concrete actions to ensure the Indigenous population is not left behind.


Expand the mental health court province wide.

The mental health court in Saint John has helped many people receive the treatment and support they need. These courts are influential as diverting people from jails and prisons reduces recidivism rates. We’d like to see the mental health court expanded across the province to ensure everyone has access to alternative pathways.


Implement the mental health advocate position.

Offices like the Child, Youth and Seniors Advocate, the Official Languages Commissioner and the Consumer Advocate for Insurance play a huge role in holding the government to account and defending public interest. In 2018, the Liberal Party passed a motion, with unanimous support from all parties, calling for  a Mental Health Advocate who could  advocate for those struggling with mental health and trying to navigate the system. We want to see this finally implemented.


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