The Liberal Opposition has gathered in Fredericton to share the top priorities of their neighbours, discuss the key issues facing the province and determine how to best support New Brunswickers in the upcoming budget.


“Over the last few months our team has been on the ground, listening to their constituents and connecting with stakeholders. We’ve heard what New Brunswickers are worried about, and we will bring their priorities to the House” says Rob McKee, Leader of the Official Opposition. “We have been encouraging the Higgs government to be more open and transparent, so we’re leading by example and sharing the five top priority areas for when we sit in March.”


The 2024-25 provincial budget is expected on March 21. The Liberal Opposition is looking for strategic investments that reflect New Brunswickers’ five top priorities: healthcare, the cost of living, the environment, education, and housing.


People are struggling to get a primary care provider, or a timely appointment with their doctor or nurse practitioner. We need to improve access to primary care by hiring more healthcare professionals and accelerating the development of multi-disciplinary team-based community care clinics,” says Liberal Leader Susan Holt. “People are struggling under the high cost of living. Will this government recognize that issue and bring forward creative approaches to help families with food costs, home heating, and prices at the pump? Now that the money from carbon pricing isn’t available, what can we expect to see on clean energy development and environmental projects? Will the education system finally get the influx of resources it needs to properly support overall learning, especially accessible mental health services? What creative, community-based approaches to affordable housing can we expect to see?”


“This team has been hard at work, listening to New Brunswickers. We are focused, motivated and ready to make sure the real needs of New Brunswickers will be heard by this government. I look forward to adding two more members when Premier Higgs finally calls the by-election” says Liberal Leader, Susan Holt. “Months have passed since the three ridings became vacant. Premier Higgs needs to stop dragging his feet and announce the date of the by-elections.”

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