Following the release of the Auditor General’s report, the Official Opposition is expressing serious concern over the Higgs government’s management of environmental issues.


“The Auditor General’s report is another example of how out of touch this government really is. From flooding, to erosion, to contaminated sites, the Higgs government has failed to make the investments needed to mitigate the impact of climate change and pollution” says Gilles LePage, Official Opposition critic for Environment and Climate Change. “It was extremely concerning to hear from the Auditor General that even with another surplus, this time of $41 million in the Environmental Trust Fund, some projects were rejected, and others received less than they requested. Why is this government solely focused on hoarding money instead of making the required investments New Brunswickers expect?”


The consistent issue of transparency and accountability that plagues the Higgs Government was also raised by the Auditor General.


“We echo the Auditor General’s call for more transparency on the management of the Environmental Trust Fund” says Mr. LePage. “This is yesterday’s government, where is the consideration for our future generations? The Minister of Environment and Climate Change and his caucus colleagues aren’t taking environmental issues seriously and we need them to be more accountable to the public.”


Another environmental issue the Auditor General highlighted in his report is the poor management of contaminated sites. “We all have some of these sites in our ridings and they are of significant concern to our citizens, it is disheartening to see so little effort demonstrated to deal with them” says René Legacy, Official Opposition critic for Finance and Treasury board, and MLA for Bathurst West-Beresford.


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