Keep up with  our Liberal members in the Legislature and in their communities .


Please note that some of the articles are subject to a paid subscription to access.  


Roger Melanson, CBC
“Miramichi lacks two MLAs as local government debate begins” – Read more


Roger Melanson, Telegraph-Journal
“Higgs, nurses spar over contract talk” – Read More


Roger Melanson,  Acadie Nouvelle, “COVID-19:  The Opposition criticizes lack of plan for Christmas”

COVID-19: l’opposition critique l’absence de plan pour Noël


Francine Landry / Keith Chiasson,  Acadie Nouvelle, “Local government reform:  How do we deal with disagreements over merging?”

Réforme de la gouvernance locale: que faire de l’opposition aux fusions?


Roger Melanson, Telegraph Journal
“MLAs question government transparency on COVID outbreaks” – Read More


Roger Melanson, CTV News Atlantic
“New Brunswick physician suspension impacts remain unknown” – Read More

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