Fredericton (August 13, 2021) – The Official Opposition is calling on the Higgs government to act quickly with regards to the vaccination passport being developed by the federal government.  Manitoba has introduced a vaccine card and Québec will soon introduce a provincial vaccine passport while other provinces are considering options to provide documentation for proof of vaccination.


“We are hearing considerable support from both the health and business sectors to implement some type of documentation that provides citizens with the ability to prove their vaccination status,” stated Roger Melanson, Leader of the Official Opposition. “As the federal government has stated that the passport being developed could be used within Canada as well as for international travel, we urge the Higgs government to act quickly to assess the federal government’s proposal for use here in New Brunswick.  If it’s a good fit, we should take advantage of it as soon as possible.”


As other provinces are adopting their own programs it is important that New Brunswickers be able to travel freely within Canada.  Using the federal passport could effectively and efficiently help to ensure that mobility.







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