“Premier Higgs is initiating and fuelling a false debate. As Premier, Blaine Higgs, a unilingual anglophone, holds the most powerful office in New Brunswick. Moreover, he has had a long career in the private sector without having had the need to learn a second language. When people choose to leave New Brunswick, they do so because of the lack of jobs resulting from the province’s economic situation. It is not a question of bilingualism.


In fact, New Brunswick has long benefited and continues to benefit from our bilingual workforce capacity. The telecommunications sector alone represents over $1 billion in GDP value and over 18,000 jobs. The federal government has also opened federal service offices in the province as a result of our bilingual workforce, including the pension centre in Shediac, the pay centre in Miramichi, and the ACOA head office.


The debate on issues related to the Official Languages Act must consider the benefits and value added. Encouraging false debates and spreading misinformation as Premier Higgs is doing only serves to further divide the population.”


Roger Melanson

Interim Leader of the Liberal Party

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