Moncton (September 4, 2020) – The Liberal platform that was released today featured targeted measures aimed at growing the economy of New Brunswick in a sustainable and fiscally responsible way.


“While we continue to respond to the pandemic we must still focus on the future of our people, our communities and the economy,” said Liberal Leader, Kevin Vickers. “A Liberal government will build on our traditional industries and aggressively pursue new ideas and opportunities to build a new economy for New Brunswick”.


“Unlike Blaine Higgs, we will not balance the books on the backs of the most vulnerable or our struggling businesses,” confirmed Vickers. “We will work together with New Brunswickers to grow our economy, protect the environment and offer and a sustainable health care system in all parts of the province, including rural New Brunswick.”


These are difficult and unprecedented times for New Brunswick but while we continue to respond to the pandemic, we must still focus on the future of our people, our communities and the economy.


Working together, with all New Brunswickers, a Liberal government will:


  • Grow the Population and the Economy
  • Ensure Fiscal Responsibility and Good Governance
  • Accelerate a Sustainable Economy and Protect the Environment
  • Protect and Enhance Health Care Services in all Regions
  • Secure our Children’s Future Success through Education


Under Blaine Higgs our economy has been ignored, our people have been divided and our environment has been put at risk.


The inactions of the Blaine Higgs government left the province with a number of pressing issues that require government’s immediate attention.


When elected, a Liberal government will take the following actions within the first 30 days of being sworn into office:


  • Create a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force to put in place a short, medium, and long-term action plan, with a report to be completed within 30 days.
  • Maintain the COVID-19 all-party cabinet committee until the crisis is over.
  • Renew our relationship with Ottawa by negotiating a new COVID-19 Investment Partnership for New Brunswick.
  • Implement a wholesale pricing policy for restaurants and bars for liquor purchases from NB Liquor.
  • Initiate a public inquiry into systemic racism in provincial law enforcement and justice systems toward Indigenous people.
  • Formally direct both health authorities that no rural hospitals be closed, and no emergency room services be eliminated.
  • Partner with the federal government in securing Small Modular Reactors (SMR) opportunities for New Brunswick
  • Immediately begin negotiating a contract with nurses that is fair, respectful, ensures workplace safety, and targets salaries that are competitive.
  • Begin implementing the $300 million Government of Canada and New Brunswick Housing Agreement signed in July 2018.
  • Appoint an Implementation Task Force on Homelessness to support plans already developed by communities and to ensure that all levels of government are acting together to address the issue in our province.



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