Moncton (August 27, 2020) – A Liberal government will move to immediately build badly needed affordable housing in the province, a problem that has been made worse by two years of inaction on the housing file from the Higgs Conservatives.


In 2018, the previous Liberal government signed a 10-year housing agreement with the Federal government to address the serious problem of affordable housing in the province. A liberal government would immediately begin implementing the agreement to protect, renew and expand social and community housing.


“Over the last two years, Blaine Higgs has done nothing to address the affordable housing crisis in the province even though this agreement was already signed, and money was available,” says Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers.


“A Liberal government would immediately look for projects that could benefit from this funding in order to ensure that New Brunswickers have a safe and affordable place to live.”


Under the National Housing Strategy, the $300 million cost-sharing agreement is geared towards the protection, renewal and expansion of social and community housing. It also provides support directly to families and individuals in need through the design and implementation of a Canada Housing Benefit.


“This agreement provides enough flexibility to really attack the core issues of the affordable housing shortage in the province,” says Vickers. “It’s another example of how working together, with multiple levels of government, community groups and the private sector, we can act quickly to address this problem.”


“Our government will make affordable housing a priority,” says Vickers. “Unlike the Blaine Higgs conservatives, we will not leave money on the table, particularly when that money can make a huge difference to those in need. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Unfortunately, for many people affordability is an obstacle they can’t overcome”.


If elected, a Kevin Vickers led government will work together with communities to invest in affordable housing projects. A Kevin Vickers led Liberal government will make the Rising Tide community project a reality.


“Rising Tide is a non-profit that plans to address homelessness in the Moncton region. It could find 125 people affordable housing in three years,” says Vickers.


“The City of Moncton already announced that they would invest 6 million over 3 years, but the Blaine Higgs government did not step up to help some of the most vulnerable people of our community. Vulnerable New Brunswickers are being left behind by Mr. Higgs on a number of issues, including affordable housing.”


Recently, the Trudeau government offered up to 49 million in order to accelerate affordable housing projects. Blaine Higgs’s government is the only provincial government who turned down the offer.


“Blaine Higgs sat on his hands and stalled projects that would better the lives of New Brunswickers around the province.”


“This money could have been used to fund things like the Rising Tide project, but also other similar projects around the province. That would help lift some of our most vulnerable people out of poverty and boost our economy by creating jobs for New Brunswickers.”


A Kevin Vickers led Liberal government will listen and work with communities from all regions of the province in order to address affordable housing.


“We have been pushing this file for the last two years, but the Higgs government did nothing”, said Vickers. “Higgs might say he’ll address this housing during a campaign, but his track record shows that is an empty promise.”




Ashley Beaudin

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