Rogersville (August 31, 2020) – A Liberal government will eliminate glyphosate spraying on Crown Land over a four-year period to allow for industry to adjust. The ban will include industrial spraying by Crown corporations including NB Power.


“We listened to the thousands of New Brunswickers who had legitimates concerns regarding the spraying of herbicide containing glyphosate”, said Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers. “When elected, we will immediately move towards eliminating all spraying of glyphosate on publicly owned land.”


In New Brunswick, 50 per cent of the land base is Crown Land. “This land is owned by New Brunswickers, and New Brunswickers should have a say in what we do with it,” added Vickers.


The party leader explained that a Liberal government will focus on a sustainable economy, in order to protect the environment and the health of New Brunswickers, all the while growing our province’s revenues.


“For the last two years, Blaine Higgs buried his head in the sand and ignored the environment. We will make it the priority it should be. For example, we’ll make sure the carbon tax revenue in the climate change funds goes toward projects that help the average New Brunswicker and make a difference for the environment.”


“The environment is a priority for many New Brunswickers, including myself. We will work together with our communities, industry and experts in the field to ensure that we develop our forests in a sustainable and responsible way so that we can leave a better New Brunswick for generations to come.”



Ashley Beaudin

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