We are very proud of our record. Over the last three-and-a-half years, we have made historic progress in moving our province forward.


Just four years ago, who would have imagined that we could have free tuition for those who need it the most, and that we would have lowered the cost of tuition and child care significantly for the vast majority of New Brunswickers. We have increased the minimum wage every year, reduced the small business tax rate and adopted Family Day. We did this while seeing the economy grow by more than it has in over a decade and reducing the deficit by half. In this fall’s election, we will be very proud to talk about our record and how we will build on it to continue to create opportunity and grow our province if we are re-elected by New Brunswickers.


At the same time, Brian Gallant is not the only leader running in this election who has a record.  Blaine Higgs has a record and it is a record of lost jobs and cuts to education and healthcare. As Prime Minister Trudeau recently said, as an election approaches : “I can’t wait to put our plan, our team, and our vision of Canada up against theirs.”


New Brunswickers have a clear choice to make this election and we must help draw the contrast between our record and our vision and that of Blaine Higgs and his party. To that end, we have launched today a series of factual advertisements that focus on Blaine Higgs record in politics. These contain no personal attacks and no innuendo, just well sourced facts.


Visit  www.NotForYou.ca  to see the latest ads.


A message from the New Brunswick Liberal Party







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