Our premier comes from humble beginnings.


His Acadian father, Pierre, and his mother Marilyn, a Scholten and daughter of Dutch immigrants, worked hard for everything they had, and instilled in our Premier the importance of a good education, a strong work ethic, and a desire to make the world a better place. His rise to become Premier of New Brunswick is due to the education he received and the opportunities that opened as a result. That’s why he is so passionate about making education more accessible for New Brunswickers.


Since taking office in 2014, Mr. Gallant has been leading one of the most progressive governments in New Brunswick history, increasing taxes on the richest one per cent and cutting the salaries of cabinet to ensure we’re focused on investing in your priorities: Healthcare, Education, and the Economy.


Premier Gallant and his government’s hiring of 250 new teachers, reinstatement of the Grade 1 French Immersion program, restoration of trades in schools, and the implementation of the Free Tuition program have all brought new life to an education system now better equipped to serve our young people. In addition, this government has invested heavily in the Youth Employment Fund, so when these students graduate they have an opportunity to stay in New Brunswick and begin their careers here at home.


Under his watch, businesses of all sizes have started creating jobs again in New Brunswick. The budget deficit has been reduced by half, and thanks to this government’s multi-year economic growth plan, our provincial economy has been growing for three straight years. Pay equity initiatives and increases to the minimum wage are evening the playing field for workers across the province. In addition, Mr. Gallant’s government’s environmental initiatives, like the climate change fund, are ensuring we can continue to create economic growth while being less reliant on coal and other pollutants.


His government’s budgets have allocated funds to improve nearly every hospital in the province, we’ve invested in home care and one thousand new nursing home beds, and thanks to this premier and his government, more than 300 new doctors now call New Brunswick their home.


Premier Gallant is ensuring all New Brunswickers are moving forward, together.



Constituency Office:

650 Champlain Street
Suite 203
Dieppe NB E1A 1P5