Federal Donation Rules

Rules for Federal donations are different from those in place for donating here in New Brunswick. Individuals may donate up to $1500 annually to the national Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) AND up to $1500 annually to federal candidates. This is an increase from the previous $1200.

The Liberal Party of Canada offers two distinct fundraising programs:

Laurier Club

The Laurier Club provides recognition, invitations to special events, and includes annual Party membership, for $1200/year (although they’re more than happy to receive $1500).  Please note that membership in the Laurier Club DOES NOT include any support for individual federal candidates.

For more information or to become a Laurier Club member, please click here.

Victory Fund

The Victory Fund is a monthly donation fund.  It includes annual Party membership and can be customized so you can allocate how much of your donation  you want to go to LPC and how much you want to go your riding candidate (or to another riding candidate). In order to become a Victory Fund member, the minimum amount is $10 per month.

For more information or to become a Victory Fund member, please click here.

To donate directly to your federal candidate of choice, please go to their campaign web site here.
For information on contributions please click here.

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